This video from the Royal College of Psychiatrists explains what it feels like to be anxious, and what help you can get if you have these feelings. Further information and tools to help you are available in the links below.

Anxiety UK:

How to overcome fear and anxiety: A downloadable guide to help you overcome fear and anxiety.

NHS Choices : Anxiety
This video from NHS choices discusses the symptoms of anxiety.

NHS Choices: Health Anxiety

Northumbria Tyne and Wear self help guide: Health Anxiety

Mind: Anxiety and Panic Attacks

Moodzone: Anxiety
With exams coming up, student Emma was sick with worry. She was finding it hard to concentrate because her flatmates made too much noise, and as a result she felt really anxious. But when she talked to her college counsellor, she was able to work through her problems and deal with her flatmates’ behaviour. In this 15-minute Moodzone audio guide Dr Chris Williams describes how anxiety might affect you and what you can do to ease it. Anxiety symptoms, causes and treatments. Generalised anxiety disorder. How to get help for hypochondria and health anxiety

Rethink Mental Illness: Anxiety disorders