Aims of the course

The course covers lots of practical things to help you tackle stress and low mood. The course is based on Cognitive Behaviour Therapy which is also know as CBT, which looks at how what you think affects how you feel and behave.

Each session looks at one topic to overcome;

Session 1 – What is depression? What can be done about it? What is happening to me? Why am I feeling low?

Session 2 – Activity scheduling and relaxation. Why is it important to be active?

Session 3 – Understanding thoughts and challenging thoughts.

Session 4 – Understanding worry, rumination and problem-solving and learn some skills in order to manage it. Practical problem solving as a way of improving how we feel and also to develop assertiveness skills to help us ask for what we need when depressed

Session 5 – Sleep, reviewing sleep and mindfulness, mindfulness - reduce ‘over thinking’

Session 6 – Future planning - help prevent/manage setbacks. Bringing it all together and positive changes.

Type of course

This course is run over six weekly sessions which currently are presented over live webinar due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Who this course may benefit

If you want to overcome common problems related to stress and or low mood. A practical step-by-step guide focuses on how to change how you think, feel, and behave. It will help you develop new life skills to manage problems more effectively now and in the future. You are welcome to come along to the course with a friend, relative or carer for extra support.

How to access the course

Enrol on this course at the link below. If you’ve never attended a live online webinar before, it’s very easy to do so – full details on how to access the sessions from your computer, tablet or phone will be provided, once you have registered.

All courses are run via live webinar and we have various dates and times – please enrol via the link below and call 0300 555 5551 for further details

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